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Thursday, 01 March 2007

Do you have a custom map GunGame Server? Do you just have custom maps for any Steam games?

If so then you need CONTENT hosting! Content hosting is a service that allows you to send game files from a webserver to a clients computer. Why do this? Good question. The answer is when you send from a web server that is hosted on a fast service, the files are sent to the client at blazing speeds. This means your gaming server uses less resources. Less resources used for other stuff, such as sending maps to clients directly, will mean better performance and less strain on your game server.

How does this all work? Simple, when a client connects to your game server, Steam looks though your server.cfg file for a line that redirects clients to an outside server for the files needed to play. Here are the lines it looks for if you are running a CZero server: (These lines are only an example and will not actually work for you.)

sv_download 1
sv_downloadurl "http://GunGame.Org/czero"

These lines will make the players connecting to your server use a fast web server for any custom maps or sounds or basically any custom files needed to play their game on your server. The first line tells your server to enable the fast download option. The second line points to your fast download server which is hosted on a high speed webserver. Lets say you have a custom map that is 12MB. It will take 9 or 10 minutes for your game server to send this to the players that do not already have the map. Using the fast download server this map will only take 30 to 45 SECONDS for those on high speed internet connections. WOW. Did you see the time difference? Ten minutes versus 45 seconds! You can play a lot of CZero in those extra nine minutes plus.

Why all this education on CONTENT hosting? Well, is now offering Content Hosting at very affordable rates. All STEAM games will have hosting available for them. Our web servers are on very high speed connections. You will see dramatic increases in server traffic with high speed Content Hosting versus server sent hosting. We also have a customized web interface that will allow you to connect directly to the Content Server and upload all the files you need for your server. This means no waiting on some admin somewhere to add your files for you. All you have to do is login and upload your files to the web server and they will be available immediately! Great huh?  

Pricing will be available soon. For now contact IdiotSavant by private messaging him in our server's forums. He will set a price based on your needs.


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 March 2007 )