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GunGame v3.4.73 for Source Update
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 May 2007

On Wednesday May 9, 2007 cagemonkey posted a new update to GunGame for Source.

Here is that post and the link to it.


"This is a small update which fixes a few small bugs, and also contains a fix for Deathmatch. Now, it gives the weapon last when you levelup with Turbo Mode on so you don't have to keep switching to your gun from the knife all the time.

This has been running on my server for a few weeks and I just wanted to put it out there before we release version 4. I don't plan on doing anything more with version 3, so consider this the end of that code branch. Version 4 will be here soon."

Click HERE for the link. 


GunGame.Org MGMT 

GunGame AMXX Update
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 05 May 2007

Avalanche released this news on May 5, 2007. Here is his AMXMODX update... 




GunGame AMXX 1.17b has been released. It's a minor bugfix release (as are most releases including a single letter suffix). Mainly, only those that want to use gg_nade_refresh would need to download it. The changelog is available here."




New GunGame for AMXX
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 29 April 2007

On April 28th 2007, Avalanche released a new version of GunGame. This version is released only to people who donate on his GunGame website. Those who are not donators will receive access to this new release in about a week. The link to donate is here: DONATE  

For those that have already donated. Check your email for the latest release!


Here is the email I received from Avalanche...

"Hiho! GunGame AMXX 1.17b is a minor release, mainly just to fix the gg_nade_refresh cvar.


* The gg_nade_refresh cvar now actually works. Bug pointed out by Tandis and tron420.

* Setting gg_map_iterations to 0 will now repeat the map infinitely, never changing it (unless mp_timelimit or some other outside force does so). Suggested by P4rD0nM3.

* The gungame_mapcycle.txt now finds the next map based on line numbers, instead of by map names. This basically means that you can have multiple instances of the same map in your gungame_mapcycle.txt. Also, if you manually change maps, when that map ends, it will switch to what would have been the next map in the cycle before you changed maps, instead of starting the cycle over.



If you want to support GunGame then please head over to Avalanche's website and donate . For your support you will receive releases about a week earlier than the releases he posts on the AMXMODX.ORG Forum . Go support GunGame!



Last Updated ( Sunday, 29 April 2007 )
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