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April 23, 2008, 03:38:43 PM
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New GunGame For AMXX - 2.10Beta2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 31 January 2008

Here is the contents of an email received from Avalanche on January 27, 2008.
This email was avaliable to those that donate to Avalanche to help with the GunGame
devlopement. Omitted was the zip file for the new beta. (Go donate to receive these
files before the general public.)


"After plenty of work, I have the next beta out, which will ideally be the final version.
All of the bugs and kinks of going from two plugins back into one should be fixed,
as well as all of the requested features and ones that I wanted to get done. The
changelog from the first beta to this one is:

  • Added a cvar, gg_winner_motd (default 1), which controls whether or not the
    MOTD at the end of the game is displayed.
  • Redid how the MOTD is compiled. There is no more HTML file. Instead,
    the text has been moved to the language file, and it should be a lot faster to compile.
  • Added a cvar, gg_teamplay_timeratio (default 1). If enabled, you have to spend at
    least half of your time on the winning team of a teamplay match to receive a win.
    Also, the points you get from each team are based on the percentage of time played
    on those teams. For example, you spend 25% of your time on CT and 75% on T.
    The CTs get 20 points and the Ts get 24 points. You would get 25% x 20 = 5 and
    75% x 24 x 1.5 (gg_stats_winbonus) = 27, for 32 total.
  • Players can now properly no longer pick up armoury_entity's.
  • Added a server command, gg_reloadweapons, which reloads the weapon order based
    on the current gg_weapon_order and gg_killsperlvl cvars. You only need to use this if
    you change either of these cvars in the middle of the game.
  • All applicable menus now have a "Jump to me" option, and your entry is highlighted in red.
  • Fixed map-specific configs not being able to change weapon orders.
  • If you set gg_teamplay to 2, every game it will be randomly on or off.
  • Added a cvar, gg_disable_money (default 1), which controls whether or not GunGame
    gets rid of players' money. Only turn this off if you have another method to prevent weapon buying.
  • Added a parameter to the amx_gungame_restart command which will reload all of the
    values from the config file.
  • Applicable menus will go to the page that you're on by default when you open them.
  • Potentially improved randomness when using random spawns.
  • There are now 8 players instead of 5 on the scores menu.
  • Overhauled the stats system again, improving efficiency immensely.
  • Players will no longer stop shooting when they get a new weapon.
  • Fixed a runtime error.
  • The time between a GunGame round ending and the next one starting or the map changing
    (depending on gg_map_iterations) is now based off of mp_chattime.
  • Fixed gg_status_display 3 and 4 when playing teamplay.
  • Fixed the autovote menu appearing in incorrect languages.

GunGame.Org has tested this new beta on its own server and must say that this iteration of
GunGame ROCKS! Go try it out on our server. This IP is


Thanks for the new release Avalanche!




Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 January 2008 )
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