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New Sponsor New GunGame
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 16 June 2008

GunGame.Org is proud to announce we are now sponsored by LowPings.Net.

We currently have two servers with LowPings.Net and plan on adding more soon. The servers are running CS:CZ and have the latest GunGame Mod for AMXX, made by Avalanche. We have also added a new plugin that will grant users admin access based on time played. YES, you get admin just for playing 30 minutes or more!

There are 5 different levels of Admin you can earn. Each level takes 30 minutes to reach.
The first level grants you a slot reservation and immunity.
The second level grants you first level plus dmap_rockthevote access.
The third level grants all of second level plus admin chat ability.
The fourth level grants all of third level plus access to amxmodmenu. (bind "x" "amxmodmenu")
The fifth level grants all the above plus you get to keep the access for 1 week.

If you keep playing after reaching the fifth level, you will get to keep access until you have not played for one week. All other levels last for 24 hours. Time is accumulative. So when you leave and come back in a 24 hour period, you start adding to your admin time from where you left off. So, the more you play, the more you get!

Other plugins that are running is the ghost chat program where you can see everything typed except admin chat.
We also have a spectator program running which takes you to spec by typing in normal chat, /spec and brings you back from spec by typing /back in normal chat.
Then we have another Avalanche plugin called Frost Nades. When you reach the nade level you also receive a Frost Nade as well as the normal HE Nade. Freeze them and then HE them!
Finally we have triple jump turned on. Triple jump allows you to jump twice more while in the air after your initial jump. This allows you to get to high places that normally would not be reachable.

Come visit us!

Our current servers are:  -  GunGame.Org: Sponsored by [LowPings.Net]  -  GunGame.Org: Sponsored by [LowPings.Net]

Keep checking back on our website. We are going to be adding tournament play with the prize of a free server for a month. This should make it fun for all. A special forum area will be set up for all our LowPing.Net servers.

Stay tuned and remember, PLAY FAIR & PLAY OFTEN!


GunGame AMXX 2.11 Beta
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I received an email from Avalanche about a new GunGame Beta. This email was sent to all those who support his GunGame efforts with a monetary donation. Here is his email minus the new Beta zip file.

 "Alrighty, here is what will ideally be the final version of GunGame (2.11). It is one half bug fixes from 2.10 and the other half various features.

The command to turn GunGame on and off is most definitely amx_gungame now (definitely not amx_gungame_status)
Fixed a crash bug when using only one random weapon order (thanks aspenasplund)
Fixed "FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Host_Error: WriteDest_Parm: not a client" crash bug (thanks Pamaliska and vittu)
Fixed the GunGame mapcycle not working when the time limit runs out (thanks wowwen)
Fixed armoury_entity's not being touchable after turning GunGame off (thanks haudi)
Certain messages that used words for numbers (ie: "one" instead of "1") will now use digits when displayed in another language, instead of using the English word (thanks CrABe)
Added new cvar gg_kills_botmod (default 1.0). The kills per level for bots is multipled by this value. Doesn't work in teamplay. Requested by Impaler.
Added new cvar gg_bots_skipnade (default 0). If enabled, bots skip the hegrenade level. Doesn't work in teamplay. Requested by Impaler.
Added new cvar gg_afk_protection (default 0). If enabled, players can't get points for killing "AFK" players (players who haven't done anything since they spawned). Requested by IdiotSavant.
Added public function get_player_info(id,&rf_level,&rf_score,rf_lvlWeapon[],len,&rf_spawnProtected,&rf_statsPosition) to be used with callfunc.
If there's something that you were still hoping to see, now is the time to let me know.



For those who do not donate to GunGame, this release will be available to the public soon.

A BIG thanks goes out to Avalanche. Keep up the good work!


New GunGame For AMXX 2.10
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 02 March 2008
New GunGame for AMXX Released!  
Here is the announcement... 
03/02/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.10 officially released
  Seriously, did it take me long enough? For your public enjoyment, the latest version of GunGame has been officially released under the moniker of GunGame AMXX 2.10. It seems like we skipped a few numbers, didn't we? Although there are "too many changes to list," I actually put most of them into a list, here.

  A brief summary of the changes: a teamplay mode, a cool MOTD display when someone wins, a handsome leader display, nifty Quake-style position sounds (there you go, JGHG), the knife elite mode from the original GunGame, random win sounds, better chat- and HUD-messages, the top 1,000 players listed, smoother weapon changes, and about a zillion bug fixes and little things that I forgot that I added.

  Oh, and when a player steals a level, it plays that funny sound that Mario makes when he gets hit and loses his mushroom. I love that sound.

 Lets just say that this version of GunGame ROCKS! Go get it now!



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